August 11, 2009

Lirik Lagu Slank - Too Sweet To Forget

Lirik Slank - Too Sweet To Forget :
I took my guitar
and I begin to play
those old familiar songs
from our yesterdays

but only half way through
the things I should have said
those old memories came
flown into my head

oh you're so sweet
too sweet to forget
memories of being alone with you
it's all in my dream

you're just so sweet
too sweet to forget
you don't love me the same
as I love you
it's not to be I regret

hmmmm days are passing by
the wind begins to blow
season's changing and
the leaves begin to grow

but the words inside my head
would forever stay true
wherever i may go
whatever i may do

repeat reff:

and inside cold dark lonely night
memories of the two of us
begin to take flight

you’re just so sweet
too sweet to forget
but you don’t love me like i love you
it’s not to be i regret

Lirik Lagu Too Sweet To Forget - Slank

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